Is it possible to change your main character's name in a game already in progress? you can edit one of your savegame .das files in the toolset and change it. just pick your last save, open the .das file in the toolset then click the + next to...
Today I bring an utility for BGE game developers: it's called BGText. BGText is a Blender Game Engine and UPBGE utility aiming to enhance the experience with text objects.
Feb 22, 2009 · BGE Re-Regulation -- Baltimore Delegates Jill Carter, Pat McDonough Fight For Change Since deregulation, electricity rates for residents in Maryland have gone up 85%. Of course, no word from the most honorable Governor Martin O'Malley on relief for the citizens of Maryland. The BGE expressly reserves the right to change, amend, or delete parts of the pages or the entire Internet offer without prior notice, or to temporarily or permanently terminate the publication. No contractual relationship between the BGE and the user is concluded through the usage of these pages.
Change of name to BGE Elektrotechnik GmbH 1993 Consolidation of all locations 2010 Focusing on the automotive industry. Our. philosophy. The compa­ny BGE electro ...
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