Graffiti removal Graffiti removal with eco friendly cleaning technology Tornado ACS, is possible on clinker, natural stone, concrete, plaster, paint, tiles, plastic and many other surfaces easily and quickly. Our green cleaning equipment is the ideal alternative to pressure washers or dry-ice blasting.
Graffiti concerns everyone in the community. It is costly, unsightly and makes some people feel unsafe. The City of Onkaparinga Graffiti Management Program works with residents, community groups and government agencies to reduce graffiti and its impact. Our multifaceted graffiti management approach includes:
Specialties: Acid Etch Graffiti removal and Anti-Acid Etch Film .We will restore your glass to its original condition at a fraction of the replacement cost. Established in 2008. We have been in business for more then 11 years Dec 26, 2018 · Graffiti Removal with Dry Ice Many building owners have struggled with how to remove graffiti, and oftentimes simply resort to painting over it. Previously, the only other option was to sand or soda blast the graffiti, but that can result in damage to the building as well as extensive clean-up afterward.
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