Mar 08, 2014 · TB500 can be your everyday bike and may not have the oomph and glamour of a HD750 but, is a very capable bike However, if you wish to get into the HD culture and primary purpose of the bike is weekend rides and being part of HD community then HD 750 should be a good choice (assuming you like how it rides in first place)
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Experimentally it has been demonstrated to accelerate the healing of many different wounds, including transected rat Achilles tendon. This study was designed to investigate the potential mechanism of BPC 157 to enhance healing of injured tendon. The outgrowth of tendon fibroblasts from tendon explants cultured with or without BPC 157 was examined. TB500 was identified as a gene that was up-regulated four-to-six fold during early blood vessel formation and found to promote the growth of new blood cells from the existing vessels. This peptide is present in wound fluid and when administered subcutaneously, it promotes wound healing, muscle building and speeds up recovery time of muscles fibres and their cells.
It’s been 4 years and looks just the same as it ever did, however it still feels weird at times and I try to be careful. I also tore my quad and patella femoral tendon and used TB500 and BPC 157 to recover, it went by incredibly smoothly, and was a much faster recovery for a far worse injury.
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