With Valvetronic – the throttle is fully opened, the amount of air is manages with the stroke of inlet valves (0.4 .. 10 mm). The stroke of the valves is minimal in idle (0.4 .. 0.8 mm) and maximal – pressing the accelerator pedal to the end. In the picture – construction of Valvetronic.
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Here are some of my thoughts of the Foxwell NT510 for Porsche: (now it’s Foxwell NT520, but the same in Porsche actually). There is a lot more to diagnostic tools than just “code reading” and OBD2 is an open standard (for emissions) which is why there are OBD2 dongles (that sometimes even work) on ebay for under $20. Details about For BMW 1er 3er E46 7509295 VVT Valvetronic Servo Motor Actuator Variable Valve. ... INPA SSD Hard Drive. £149.99. P&P: + £6.99 P&P. Popular .
Failure in the learning function of the Valvetronic system. The problem should be sought for software malfunctions of the control module. 2A98. Violation of the synchronization of the cam shaft with the crankshaft. Possible malfunctioning of the respective sensors or wear of the timing belt.
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